Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case Review & Giveaway

The Fuzzikins are cute animals you can decorate and play with.  They are delightful little things.  It’s a lovely activity for your children, especially over the summer holiday.  If your like me and at your wits ends keeping them occupied!  Four weeks in we need every trick in the book to survive!  These sets encourage creativity and imaginary play.  Well worth buying if you want a bit of peace and quiet without breaking the bank.


They have a few different sets to collect.  You can soon build up a collection of adorable bunnies, cats and dogs.  We have mentioned the Dozy Dogs and Cozy Cats before and I am pleased the range is expanding, further increasing the playability of these toys.

In this set you can colour the cats in, then they can travel in style in the Fuzzikins campervan.  Priced at £19.99 its good value as it includes the campervan carry case, 2 cat figures, 4 felt tip pens and colour in stickers to personalise your campervan!  The felt tip pens in the latest sets are washable so you can give your cat a rinse and start over re-decorating when they have dried.  Handy if children don’t manage to get their creative vision right on the first attempt and want to start again or they might just fancy a change for their character.  Either way its great having the flexibility to try again.

There are some fabulous details inside the campervan like a pull-down bed if your cats get tired on their journeys and a table and chairs, so you can imagine them having dinner.  They can even use the surf board stored at the top of the van when they want to ride the waves!  Watch the Interplay video below to see the campervan in action.

Win a Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case

If you would like to win the competition for a Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case please fill out the form below by the 17th of September.

Win a Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case

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