Ideas to save on the cost of a new kitchen


We bought this house back in 2014.  We have completed lots of projects since then but I still have a long list I want us to tackle!  I really love our master bedroom and the boy’s rooms.  But other than them the house still needs a lot of work.  One of the rooms I am keen to give a bit of a lift is the kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home after all.  It’s important to get it right!

Our house was a business before becoming our home.  Everything was chosen for its practical use rather than aesthetics.  Yes, it seems a decent enough kitchen its durable and hard-wearing.  However it would not have been what I would have chosen myself.

Having a new kitchen is a big upheaval so its probably a good thing I can’t afford to go down that route.  The last thing I would need in the summer holidays is the kitchen out of operation.  Especially as the boys seem to rely on non-stop snacks to sustain themselves.  Apparently, Kitchen Warehouse have some cheap kitchens for sale, so I have something to aim for in the future.

I am always torn though I love seeing progress in the house, but I still want us to have family holidays.  Apparently, a new kitchen can cost £8k and that is how much we spent going to Florida, so its balancing what is best!  Holidays of a lifetime or house renovations.  Mind you there are ways to bring the costs down to make the more affordable, read on to see my top tips for a new kitchen on a budget.

Saving on the cost of a new kitchen

Sell your old cabinets

If your old cabinets still have some life in them they might be handy for someone else.  A few quid is better than nothing and you don’t have to find a way to dispose of them then either.

Try to stick with your current layout if it works

That way you won’t have to spend a lot of money moving the power and water.  Costs can quickly spiral and if the layout is already effective why blow the budget changing something that already works!

Don’t feel like you need the best quality


I know this sounds like madness but most kitchens are replaced after 10 years because they look so outdated.  You don’t necessarily need one that can last forever!  Look at cheaper materials that will still look good and have enough durability for your needs.

Replacement doors

We cannot afford to rip out our kitchen completely.  However I am tempted to cost up replacement kitchen doors to try and refresh it.  This can save a fortune and give the kitchen a fresh new look.


Any bits you can do yourself like lay flooring or fitting the tiles will bring down the costs of the installation.  But don’t skimp when it comes to having your electrics and gas work completed, these need to be done by qualified professionals!

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