Rearranging our hallway


Our hallway is a dumping ground for shoes and bags.  The side board is always in a dreadful state piled high with paperwork and items waiting to go back to their rightful homes.  It’s not exactly the inviting welcome I wanted people to have when visiting.  I am too embarrassed to show the hallway in its current state after the holidays.  So I have cheated and used a stock picture above!  Now the boys are back at school I want to take matters into hand and design a welcoming entrance to our home.

I do like some aspects of our hallway such as the antique tiles which are quite attractive it would just be nice to see them under all the shoes!  The picture wall is another element I would like to continue to encourage.


The floor space is so cluttered.  It’s a pretty big hallway but even with it being a decent size it soon feels claustrophobic because it’s so crowded with flipflops, wellingtons, trainers and school shoes!  Seriously I swear these shoes breed.  I have decided to invest in shoe storage so at least I have the option to stack them up or hide them away.  Then I need to train the boys to place them in the storage and not just flung them off when they arrive home (that might be trickier!).

Unsure of what option to settle for I was relieved to see so much choice.  I don’t necessarily have to pick one of the traditional shoe racks but can buy something more imaginative.  I quite like the vertical wall shoe rack storage as the result looks very modern and more of a statement piece!  Who knew shoes could be such an attractive feature in the hallway.

hallway shoe rack

Image Credit: The Holding Company

You could imagine it would suit a hallway like this, because let’s be honest surely everyone has the same problem with shoes!


Encouraging light

I think we have done the right think painting the hallway a light colour as it can be quite dark.  It’s a bit of a stretch for the light from the windows.  I think its time we added a mirror too to reflect what light there is.  We could eventually replace our door and add more panes of glass so natural light could filter in.  Our tiles although quite interesting are very dark and lightening the floor would help with the darkness of the hallway.  Lamps seem a popular choice too.


I don’t like seeing the coats in the hallway and need to find a new home for them.  Currently they hang off the rail on the staircase.  But again, it keeps the hallway looking cluttered.  I really want to go for a more minimalist approach.  Shoes and coats begone!


This is another big bug bear of mine.  Everyone (myself included) leave it in a right state.  I always feel much happier when its clear of rubbish.  Everything should have a proper home and be put away correctly.  It really does get stacked with belongings.  I just want the bare minimum on display and everything else tucked out of sight in the cupboards.  I probably should have a good clear-out, anything we haven’t used in a year should go!  If I was ruthless perhaps the place wouldn’t be chaotic.

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