Stuffed Fables Review and Giveaway

Stuffed Fables

This game is interesting.  I like the novel storybook format of Stuffed Fables.  The introduction really sets the scene.  You do get caught up in the adventure.  Eager to see how it will unfold.  You feel empathy for the characters.  You want them to keep the little girl safe as she goes through different milestones like moving into a big bed.

Even though it was close to bedtime my son wanted to continue playing.  He was disappointed when we finished story one and I said it was time to finish.  He would have gladly started another story and continued playing given half a chance.

There are quite a lot of instructions to get your head around.  But it’s worth hanging in there as it’s such a sweet game.  Plus, the boys were happy playing with the figures whilst I read through them.  I am not entirely sure if we played Stuffed Fables completely right initially.  But we got better as we learnt the format.  We did have to flick back and fourth from the storybook to the rule-book.  However I did like that you have the option to scan the code instead which simplifies the process.

Set up is clear, the helpful pictures in the rule-book guide you to where everything needs to go and what cards you need close to hand.

stuffed fables

The maps got more complicated as the game progressed, introducing new elements like vendors so you can spend your buttons you earn for defeating minions and search for items.  Future games we will have to deal with more of the effects mentioned on the environment cards, so I expect we will have challenging stories to face.

I think its great you share turns being the bookkeeper.  I liked hearing my son reading out the story text I think it’s good to develop children’s reading ability whenever possible.

Depending on what you do the story can have different outcomes.  It reminded me of the choose your adventure books I loved as a child.  The ones where you go to a certain page depending on what option you select.  I am all for a board game version that holds the same excitement especially with the stuffy characters being so likeable.

The discovery cards encourage you to make the right choices.  If you are caring and thoughtful you tend to be awarded with gratitude and a reward of some kind.  I like that its making my children aware of the importance of being compassionate and seeing the impact of the choices they make.

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