5 Tips to Make Moving Easier


I do sometimes day dream about moving to a new house.  We have had this house for 4 years now but it’s so expensive to heat in winter as its pretty big!  We seem to spend a fortune on oil and even then, never seem to get to a comfortable temperature.  On top of that my eldest has moved to secondary school and I am finding the welsh difficult to follow.  He seems to cope admirably but I do wonder if he would fare better in an English stream school.  So, you see at the back of my mind I am always looking at ways to make moving easier just in case those day dreams become reality!

Here are my top tips to make moving easier

Get organised in advance

Get quotes from a few different removal companies like Mr Shifter Removals London.  Do your research with plenty of time to spare.  Pick a professional company with lots of experience.  The cheapest quote might not necessarily be the best company to go with.  Look at their credentials and read previous customer reviews.  That will give you a good feel about the capabilities of the firm you are considering using.  If you are planning on doing it yourself then make sure your friends and family are available to help.

Have a clearout

Items you no longer use get rid of.  Why pay someone to move them when you don’t benefit from them anymore.  Go through the house room by room and anything you haven’t used in the last few months or don’t plan to use going forward donate to charity.  Or if you can get a few quid for them even better sell them as you can use the proceeds towards your moving costs.

Consider the kids

Don’t forget to think about the kids when moving it can be very stressful.  Think about how you can make things easier for them.  Give them lots of notice so they can get used to the idea.  Take time out to visit the area you plan to move too.  Let your children know about all the fun things available to do in the new place.  Listen to your children when they express their feelings about the move.  They might not be as positive as you, so you need to give them time to come around.

Clearly Identify a Box of Essentials

When you arrive at the new place you will no doubt be exhausted.  The last thing you want is to have to go through lots of different boxes to find the essentials you need for the first night!  Try and group these together in one box so you can quickly get your hands on what you will need on arrival!  For me the kettle would be the main priority!


Don’t forget to label boxes.  It sounds obvious but its amazing how many people don’t bother.  You can even colour code them, so you can with a glance see which room each goes to.

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