Tips to successfully fit skirting boards

skirting boards

My husband has been laying the flooring in the new rooms we have been doing up but he struggles with the skirting boards.  He has tried, so I can’t grumble as I wouldn’t have a clue where to start myself.

But the room he has done has seen the skirting boards start to come away from the wall now.  They desperately need redoing.  So, I thought I would find a few tips to give him a hand next time.  We still have lots of the house to do!  We can get plenty of practise to get it right.  He always lays the laminate flooring first then attempts the skirting boards, apparently, it’s a neater finish that way.

There are lots of helpful guides on how to fit skirting boards.  So, read up before you dive in installing the skirting boards.

Buy the Skirting Boards

First off do some research before buying skirting boards especially if you have special requirements.  Some of our rooms had quite high boards and we hadn’t managed to get the same type locally.  Thankfully online there seems to be greater variety to meet our needs.

skirting boards

Make sure you have the right equipment

You will need a saw and hammer, tape measure, pencil to mark your measurements and screws, nails and instant grab adhesive depending on how you want to secure the skirting boards to the wall.

Start the job

Instant-grab adhesive is a good way to attach the boards, hold in place until it sets.  Start at the longest wall.  Then screw the boards afterwards but check that you are not near any wires or cables.  Using a larger drill bit helps the screw heads disappear when fit.  This is good as you can hide them away for a nicer finish!

The corners

These seemed the trickiest part for my husband.  So, spend a bit more time on these, making adjustments if needed.  It’s not a job you want to rush aim for a neat finish.  You might want to practise on off cuts to get the hang of this.

Filling Gaps

This is our main problem now the boards have come away from the wall, so we could do with using more decorator’s caulk to tidy up the job!

If your don’t feel confident enough to install new skirting boards yet then even just painting them again can make a big difference if you are looking for a quick home improvement project.  But skirting boards do take a lot of damage and can soon get tired and scratched I think take the leap and give installing skirting boards a go you might surprise yourself!

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