Style 4 Ever Eraser Maker Review and Giveaway

Oh my gosh how I would have loved a Style 4 Ever Eraser Maker from Canal Toys when I was a kid!  I used to love collecting erasers, the more the merrier.  But to have had the chance of making my own would have been a real highlight.  I think I would have squealed with excitement!

The Style 4 Ever set includes everything you need to make more than 100 erasers!  It only costs £22.99 and is such an original and fun gift.  Not only do children have the joy of making their own erasers they can also transform them into unique jewellery to wear.  Quite a novelty, very creative and something a bit different this Christmas when your wondering what on earth to get your child!  With 18 cute and colourful eraser stick designs in the box your child will be in their element.  Just check out the adorable unicorn eraser.

Style 4 Ever

Imagine how envious your friends would be of your eraser collection or even better why not make erasers to share with everyone.  Sharing is caring after all!  Gems are even included so you can decorate your eraser jewellery by adding a bit of extra sparkle.

Style 4 Ever

Using the eraser maker is a simple process.  You just cut your eraser to size and then add a hole if you want to thread onto a bracelet.  Additionally, you can buy refill packs of the eraser sticks, thread and clasps for £3.99.  Fortunately, once you have bought the Eraser Maker itself you can continue to enjoy the set for a long time to come.

Win a Style 4 Ever Eraser Maker

If you would like to enter the competition to win a Style 4 Ever Eraser Maker, please fill out the form below by the 9th of November.  I have a feeling this is going to be a popular gift for Christmas.

Win Style 4 Ever Eraser Maker

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  1. Granddaughter loves all these little collectables and looks after them I don’t mind either cos there so easily stored away and cute

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