Operation: Escape Room Review #SpyCode

Operation: Escape Room

I love it when you find a game concept that’s completely new and different!  The boys and I just had the most wonderful time playing Operation: Escape Room.  The boy’s dad has already done an escape room experience.  But the boys are currently too young so haven’t had a chance yet.  Which is a shame as they are enthusiastic to give it a try!  This game offered a welcome alternative till they are a bit older and can join in with their dad.

Operation Escape Room

It’s easy to set up and play Operation: Escape Room.  One player wears the timer strap, then your job is to deactivate the device before time runs out.  You do this through a series of exciting challenges.  You feel the suspense as you work as quick as you can before time slips away from you!  We played three games.  The first one we forgot to actually set the timer, but it was good just getting the hang of the game format!  The second time we got stuck on challenge 3 and didn’t get the final key in time.  Fortunately, on our third game we managed to release my youngest and free him from the room.

Operation: Escape Room Challenges

Challenge 1

For this you fiddle a key out of a cage.  The first time my youngest did this it was out at a record speed.  The second time we played my eldest ran into a few difficulties but the third time he had mastered it!  It is a good challenge to test dexterity!

Operation: Escape Room

Challenge 2

Now you have puzzles to solve.  You can choose to answer beginner, intermediate or advanced cards.  It is good that it gives that option, so you can progress to the harder cards when you are feeling more confident.  You add your answer into the quiz master device and the card number.  If you are correct the key gets closer to your grasp!  If you make a mistake all your good progress is lost, and you must start answering questions correctly again.  Once you get to three right questions you can get the key and move on to the final challenge.

Operation Escape Room

Challenge 3

You then have the lucky spinner.  Give it a spin then add the key from challenge 2 to the keyhole at the top.  You get to pick three different doors.  Some give a clue – an arrow pointing in a particular direction, so you can narrow it down to the door with the key!  One of our games we just couldn’t find the key, another time we did it super-fast.

Operation: Escape Room

I don’t think the game will ever get boring as the boys were so keen to play and each game ends up being slightly different depending on the cards you pick; how lucky you are picking doors and whether you have a steady hand to get the first key from the maze!

Priced at £19.99 at Smyths Toys Operation: Escape Room is great fun, I would really recommend buying this!  A good way to burn off some energy as you dash around a room finding the scattered challenge devices and a bit of a workout for your brain.

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