The importance of good hygiene habits to stop the spread of germs

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Last week I had a stomach bug it was no fun I can tell you.  I felt queasy all day and it involved a fair bit of vomit!  I am not sure where I caught the bug.  But it did get my thinking about the food I ate over the last couple of days.  According to Brosch Direct there are over 250 organisms that can lead to foodborne illness!  That’s quite scary when you think that some food establishments have poor hygiene.  When we eat our lunch, we might also be getting a generous side portion of bacteria, parasites and viruses thrown in for free!  The very thought of it is enough to put you off eating!

I always feel like I am in a battle with germs, so I am going to follow the advice more closely.  The Food Standards Agency estimate over million people in the UK suffer from food poisoning each year.  I might have just been inconvenienced for a couple of days with my bug, but 20,000 people are hospitalised so it’s serious stuff!  Regrettably 500 people a year lose their lives.  Perhaps if we all took better care with our hygiene we could drastically lower that figure.

Don’t forget to wear gloves

Brosch Direct realise the importance of gloves in food preparation.  #GloveIsAllYouNeed is the main guidance in their latest e-Book.  59% of the people Brosch Direct surveyed said they notice if the food preparer is wearing gloves.  I think I need to start paying more attention myself.  Especially when you consider how germy everything is!!!  Occasionally I help out in the canteen at school if they are stuck and won’t have enough people to serve dinner, we always wear disposable gloves.

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Germs in Cash

What really surprised me from the e-Book was that there are more germs on a £1 coin than on a toilet seat.  I hadn’t even considered how germ ridden cash could be before.  I think I might start taking my hand sanitiser everywhere with me.  I already wash my hands regularly, but you can’t rely on the person you are dealing with to have done as good a job!

Shockingly 26,000 live bacteria can be found on your average banknote!  I might start using my contactless card more.  Although apparently bugs love our cards too, especially when we keep them in a dark and warm wallet that they can thrive in!


London School of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine carried out a study and found that women are twice as likely to wash their hands with soap than men!  So perhaps look out for a woman serving your food instead!  Although what astounded me most was that the figures are still so low.  64% of women and 32% of men, seriously guys for the other 36% and 68% wash your hands properly!!!  There are no excuses when it comes to good hygiene habits.  You just risk making yourself and everyone else you interact with poorly!

Brosch Direct recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds so make sure you don’t do it too quickly!  I don’t think I use enough hand-wash, I just apply a small blob but don’t think I cover both hands completely with soap!  So I have learnt so much reading the e-Book.

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