What to do if your unhappy with the medical treatment your child receives?

medical treatment

There is nothing worse than seeing your child feeling unwell.  Unless you have a medical background, you can feel helpless.  We are very much reliant on the diagnosis of our doctors.  Most of the time they do a wonderful job!

medical treatment

But occasionally they do make mistakes.  If your gut is telling you that the issue is more serious then don’t be fobbed off.  Ultimately you know your child best of all.  If something doesn’t feel right, push to get your voice heard for their sake.

The only issue I had was when my youngest was small the health visitor kept insisting he needed to see a speech therapist, but I refused.  She did make a big song and dance about it, but I was confident he had no such problems with his speech.  So, I would politely decline each time she brought it up.  I did double check with his playschool to make sure they agreed with me.  They had lots of children in their care so could compare my son’s speech with that of his peers.  Sometimes you wonder if healthcare providers have targets to meet and try and push unnecessary treatment on you.

Get a second opinion

You can ask for a second opinion if you think it would be worthwhile having a fresh set of eyes look over your child’s information.  But you do need to be aware this can slow down treatment, the new consultant or doctor will have to go over all the results and then decide to refer again.

Choose the best medical establishment

Interestingly you can compare medical establishments through the My NHS website.  If your current health provider ranks poorly it might be worthwhile swapping to a better establishment with a higher score in staffing and patient safety.

Waiting lists

If your child is waiting for hospital treatment phone regularly.  Make sure the hospital is aware that you can attend at short notice so hopefully they can offer you a cancellation.

Make a claim

Sadly, if your child develops a life altering condition they might need long term medical care.  In that situation you will need additional financial support to improve their quality of life.  If you have been let down by a healthcare provider, then you can look at making a medical negligence claim.  Perhaps they made an incorrect diagnosis or issued the wrong medication.  In those circumstances it’s worthwhile claiming to give your child the best care money can buy going forward.

Fingers crossed you are never in a situation like this.

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