Creating A Feature Wall in Your House

Okay I am the first to admit I have very little creative imagination when it comes to renovating our house.  Each room seems a clone of the last.  As much as I love magnolia even I am starting to find the format a little dull.  So, I have decided to search the internet for other things I could try!  With a feature wall in some of the rooms they might finally have some character.

I actually had a comment on my new master bedroom saying they prefer colourful bedrooms as they make them more unique.  Yes, this room definitely needs something else to give it more of a wow factor.

Picking out a feature wall shouldn’t be done lightly though.  You need to go for the rooms natural focal point such as the wall behind the bed or where the TV is as your eyes are drawn that way already.  If you make a dramatic wall elsewhere it might start to distract from the flow of the room.  It can get a little confusing if you don’t go with the obvious place.

Feature walls don’t just have to be wall paper or paint you have lots more materials you can experiment with these days.  Be bold, be brave and enjoy seeing what materials work for you!

Here are some feature wall ideas

Use Brick Slips

feature wall

Buying brick slips is an effective way to create a feature wall.  These would be ideal in our old house as they have a rustic feel.  These tiles look like a real brick wall when you are done.  You really wouldn’t think they were tiles.

Reclaimed Wood

This can make such a beautiful addition to your home.  The wood can look timeworn so ideal for adding character.  We did have wood panelling in our living rooms initially but sadly they had to be ripped out because of damp damage.  They were a wonderful feature of the property, so I was sad to see them go.

Picture Wall

feature wall

Aim for a little art gallery on one wall.  You can do this with framed prints or family photos, I do love looking at all those memories.  We did start a mini photo wall up the side of the stairs.  I don’t think it was best placed there though as the boys keeping knocking the pictures when they race upstairs!  They are always hung a little chaotically now.

Have you made a feature wall in your house, what worked for you?

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