Carcassonne Review and Giveaway


Whenever we get a new board game to play its always an exciting moment!  We are avid board game players in our family.  So naturally Carcassonne was met with enthusiasm straight away!  However, I didn’t expect it to quickly become our new favourite board game.  We are hooked!  I guess it was always going to be a promising game as its one of the Asmodee modern classics.

Yesterday we played it three times. Yet all it did was whet my appetite to want to play it again and again.  Each game ends up being completely different as you build the board between the players.  Depending on what tiles you flip it changes your plans for the game.  It gets a bit tense when you know you need to complete a feature and your desperate for a particular tile.


But it’s the luck of the draw whether you get it in time!  If not as the game progresses round the table someone else might join your city and manage to get more knights in there to steal your points!  Although if you have an equal number of Meeples in residence points are shared, so you can work together if it suits your needs.

Included in the box are two mini expansions.  We have added the river one as it’s good to have the additional tiles to enhance gameplay.  We still have the Abbott one to try.  No doubt that will be covered in tonight’s gaming session!

Nanny won two games and I won the third.  The game is quite easy to understand and get the hang of.  The aim of the game is to score the most points using your Meeples to claim roads, cities and monasteries.  It helps if you can complete your action early on, so you can release your Meeples from their duties and reallocate them to another task!  If you take a long time to do something it means you have less manpower to score points later.  A couple of times we had completed a feature and not realized till much later.  Regularly check the board to make sure you have all the Meeples you should.  It was the monks on the monasteries we forgot the most, so be aware of where you are with completing that.

Long windy roads might mean lots of points, but they also mean you might not get your meeple back in that game.  That combined with lying them down to score at the end by becoming a farmer means you could end up short of Meeples as they don’t get returned to your supply.  A couple of times I had none to set to work, so I realised I needed to be clever when allocating them to duties.  It is quite strategic as you must think about the best way to approach the features you reveal and juggle your Meeple manpower effectively!

I am planning on buying an expansion or two, so we can grow our tile collection and enjoy extended games!

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