Our Half Term Fun

half term fun

We had a lovely half term visiting family in Southampton.  We squeezed so much in to the week now the bank account and our energy reserves have both ran dry!  I love heading to the city for a fix of attractions and shops but don’t mind coming back to country life afterwards.  That is where my heart lies after all.  Our week was an eclectic mix of activities as you can see below.


We stocked up with t-shirts and jeans from Primark!  Love a good bargain and I find those clothes wash well.  Other cheap branded stores the tops shrink.  Subway have an amazing deal at the moment 2 footlongs, 2 cookies and 2 drinks for a £10 so that was a highlight of being in the city!  We were introduced to Bubble Tea for the first time.

half term fun

I really enjoyed it and went for a peach fruit tea with mango bubbles.  Everyone else seemed keen on the strawberry fruit tea!  I will have to experiment with the other flavours when we next return.  I couldn’t get over all the choice the Bubble Tea stand had.


Luckily the boy’s granddad had all the gear as we forgot my son’s rod.  It’s such a relaxing way to spend a day.  We were just fortunate with the weather as it was cold but dry!  We weren’t having much luck catching a fish but then a staff member kindly spent awhile with us giving us tips so my eldest could bring in his first catch!  My youngest loved being on net duty to help carefully bring it in.

Granddad did well on his own as usual, but he was glad when the fish started biting for everyone.  I had to help my youngest hold his fish as it was a slimy little fellow and hard to hold on to.  It was a very quick picture and it was straight back in the water.  We did our best to tempt them buying tutti frutti sweetcorn from the onsite shop, which managed to stain some of my fingers bright orange!  I looked so silly.

half term fun

Indoor Sky Diving

The boys enjoyed using their iFLY vouchers and are still very impressed with themselves for earning their first wings.  I don’t think it’s something I would try again, but I am all for encouraging the boys to continue as they did so well.

Sculpture Park

This was at my request really as the half term fun needs to cover parents too!  But I think everyone enjoyed it well enough.  Although the boys did enjoy pointing out rather loudly the rude bits on the sculptures!!!  We went to the Sculpture Park in Farnham, but I would like to try the one in Yorkshire one day.  That park is free entry too, which is another welcome bonus.

This sculpture park cost us £30 as a family but we did spend a good few hours there.  I couldn’t get over how many different pieces of artwork there were.  It’s such an interesting experience seeing the variety of techniques and materials used.  Plus, it’s nice getting the kids outdoors in the fresh air.

Cat Café

I am more of a dog person, but I really loved going to the Pause Cat Café in Bournemouth.  It costs £5 per person on top of your food/drinks order which goes to the upkeep of the cats!  And probably the cost of replacing the food that Michelle the cat steals!  She was so quick and to be fair to the staff everything is well thought out.  The food comes out in boxes, so you know it’s clean and hygienic!  You just need to put the lid on quick if Michelle appears!


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Really enjoyed visiting #pausecatcafe @pausecatcafe such sweet #cats, Michelle the cheese thief was my favourite! #catsofinstagram x

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I liked that you were free to walk around and interact with the cats.  There are lots of toys, so you can play with them if they want too.  The café has been designed so the cats can go and get some peace and quiet away from people if they want, but we found them to be very sweet natured.  Michelle was actually my favourite even if she was a cheeky cheese stealer.

So, there are some of the highlights of our week away and all the half term fun we had!

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