Furbo Dog Camera Review

Furbo dog camera

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I have always wondered what my dog Summer gets up to when I am away from the house.  That curiosity could finally be satisfied when I was sent the Furbo Dog Camera to review.  It is such a clever device that I wish I had known about them sooner.  I feel a much happier pet owner knowing I can still interact with my dog even when I can’t physically be there.  It gives a lot of reassurance.


When we were away in Florida for two weeks, I really missed my dog.  She is a big part of my family.  Let’s be honest many of us are very attached to our pets.  To have been able to check in with her whilst she stayed with my brother would have been a real highlight.  You can tell she gets a lot of comfort hearing my voice.  She misses me as much as I miss her.  She is my baby after all, when you have older kids it’s good to have a dog as you can rely on someone being enthusiastic to see you!

The Furbo Dog Camera was easy to set up.  Pretty much plug in and go.  Once the status light turns green you download the app and follow the on-screen setup.  It’s quite a stylish piece of kit so with suit most modern interiors.

It is also hard wearing my dog hasn’t managed to break into it and steal all the treats yet!  It has survived being vigorously licked lots, I think Summer is trying her luck to see if more treats will appear.

My Dog Loves Furbo

Already my dog has become quite attached to Furbo, wagging her tail and lying close by.

Furbo dog camera

I guess she is closely monitoring Furbo in case there is more treats in the offing!  But its good that dogs adjust to the device so quickly.  It means you will see lots of action pretty much straight away.  She isn’t nervous of the device, just curious to listen to it.  The first time she heard our voices she looked surprised, her head tilted to one side trying to make sense of it!  It was quite comical to see.  The device makes a clicking sound before it distributes the treat, so any dog will soon get the hang of being close to the camera when they hear that noise!

The Device Comes Fully Kitted Out

The Furbo Dog Camera has full HD night vision so when we put her to bed last night, we had a little check to see how quickly she settled down.  The camera has a wide-angle lens, so you can see a lot of the room and you don’t feel like you miss out on anything.  During the day our dog can move between rooms, but she still has her favourite.  We have chosen to locate the Furbo Dog Camera there.

Barking Sensor

Furbo has a barking sensor so you are notified if your pet is agitated and can respond accordingly, soothing and calming them.  If you have neighbours who have complained about the noise of your pet owning a pet camera like this one can help sort out the problem and quickly restore peace and harmony!

Dogs & Colours

Dogs don’t see colours like we do.  But the Furbo uses a yellow and blue light system that dogs can distinguish.  They will soon understand when you are there to interact with them (blue light).  You can tell how much research has gone into developing this device, it really does deliver everything I could possibly want from a dog camera.  Here she is hoping we make that light change to blue!

dog camera

Buy Your Own Furbo

Currently you can buy a Furbo Dog Camera for a reduced price of £129.00 as part of their Christmas sale.  It’s a bargain for such a quality piece of kit.  You don’t have to buy special Furbo treats you can refill your device with any small rounded treats (1cm diameter works best) which keeps costs down once you own your own Furbo.

The Christmas promotion has now ended and the price has increased to £199.00 but I still think it is a worthwhile investment.


9 thoughts on “Furbo Dog Camera Review

  1. Pet Care is important. Being able to monitor and interact with the family dog could benefit in assisting a lonely, or nervous dog to calm down and settle by hearing your voice. A treat can provide positive reinforcement.

  2. We have a 15 year old dalamatian who hates being left alone whilst we work all day so to have something like this turbo with barking sensors to calm them down would be very handy!

  3. This device seems well rounded, and it doesn’t look bad either. I have always wondered what our pets would do if we weren’t there. Summer is so adorable, so glad she can adjust to the dog camera with no fuss.

  4. What a brilliant idea to be able to watch your pets when you are away with this camera. I love the fact it has a blue light so they can interact with the camera

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