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Living DNA

My dad has always wanted to learn more about his ancestry.  So, when I was offered a chance to review Living DNA I thought it would be perfect for him.  As you get older, I think you tend to want to know more about your roots.  My dad has had a tough couple of years losing two brothers, so he has had comfort learning more about his past and his father and mother lines.  It’s worth bearing in mind only men can learn about their father lines women don’t have the yDNA to track this.

The test was simple to complete.  You just take an easy DNA mouth swab to establish your genetic code.  Then return it in the included returns bag.  Just make sure you don’t eat, smoke or drink caffeinated drinks an hour before you complete the swab.

The results did take a little longer than I expected.  But I guess that they could have been exceptionally busy in the run up to Christmas.  Generally, you can expect a 8 week wait.

Once the results are ready you receive an email and you can view them online.  We printed out the results for my dad as he is not very keen on computers.  If it’s a gift you could spend a bit more for the personalised ancestry book.

Living DNA Results

My dad was thrilled with the results.  He shows all his friends visiting the house.  Not all ancestry tests are this advanced, so he was glad he had lots of in-depth information to reveal to them.

For the last 10 generations he is 100% British.  You can also break it down to subregions as you can see below.  Living DNA have 21 specific sub regions which is much more than other tests.

Living DNA

You can view these results as a chart or a map too.

But you can go further back.  It’s interesting watching the timeline start from 80,000 years ago.   Living DNA have information on 80 worldwide regions.  It is such an eye opener seeing where your family originally came from.  You can probably expect a few surprises and its very enlightening!

Here is his mother line.

Living DNA

My dad has certainly learnt a lot more about himself.  It’s made me more interested in DNA too.  I have always been so busy in the now and not had a chance to think about where my family came from.  Seeing my dad’s detailed results has changed that.  My husband has also completed a test, so our children have enjoyed learning more about their origins.

Living DNA is continually developing, coming soon is the ability to find relatives.  It is such an incredible opportunity seeing how everyone is connected.

They currently have a New Year sale, so the test is now only £79 (+ shipping).  With that discount I think it’s a good time to give it a try if you have been curious about your ancestry.

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