Remembering Our 2018 Adventures


Now 2018 has ended I thought it would be good to write a post about our best bits.  It’s so easy to forget all the amazing things you have done as a family.  It always surprises me just how much we managed to squeeze into the year.  The end of the year was tough for us my mum went to hospital for an operation for bowel cancer.  As a family we really struggled.  I think its good for us to focus on all the happy parts.  But probably the best bit was my mum having the all clear!  It’s not until something like this happens that you realize just how hard it is to handle.

Our 2018 Bucket List

We had written a bucket list last January but we didn’t manage much of that instead we ended up doing some different experiences and adventures.  I think the things we missed I can roll over instead.  Fingers crossed we can manage some more of them in 2019.

We did get to handle meerkats and they are adorable.  Such a lovely experience as they nestled into the boys coats.  They were so tame and friendly.

We managed to do the Liverpool Stadium Tour which pleased my youngest no end.  Perhaps 2019 we should try and see an actual football match.  Although I don’t plan to do an official bucket list for 2019 on my blog as we tend to be led mainly by blog opportunities.

Holiday to Florida

Our main holiday highlight had to be going to Florida.  It was such a wonderful experience for the boys, they really loved all the character meet and greets.  I was impressed with how fantastic they are with the guests.  So enthusiastic and engaging!  My boys were 9 and 10 and it was still magical for them.


We managed to do so much whilst we were there, including walking an exhausting 130 miles!  The theme parks are massive, but we crammed in most of the rides and shows.  I really wanted to do our holiday justice as it was quite expensive overall.  But I guess for the quality of our memories we can’t grumble about the price.


Review Holidays and Adventures

We were exceptionally lucky and had a few blog review breaks.  After Florida we wouldn’t have been able to have any other holidays otherwise.

In February we had a Stay Play Explore Break in Leicester.  It was very cold then but still a lovely little break.  We finally got to the National Space Centre and visited TWINLAKES for the first time.  These breaks are such good value at £149 for a night hotel stay, breakfast and attraction tickets.

adventures twinlakes

We went to Bluestone in April.  This was my fourth visit and I must admit I seem to enjoy it more and more each time.  Whilst there we went to Heatherton World which had so many different activities for the boys to try.


In May we went to Isle of Wight staying at Rookley Park we managed to visit lots of attractions whilst we were there.  I think the Donkey sanctuary and Blackgang Chine were our favourite.


In August we stayed in Butlin’s Bognor Regis.  I thought the Wave Hotel was fantastic, the facilities were great.  Butlin’s is such fun for the family.  We had plenty of choice when it came to entertainment.


We also managed to have a few days out to Drayton Manor and Blists Hill Victorian Town and we boys enjoyed watching Dino World Live.  I am quite excited to see what adventures are instore for us in 2019.

The boys

They still squabble a lot so 2018 was the year I squeezed them into a get along t-shirt.  It didn’t really do the trick for more than a few moments.  But I think our house would be far too quiet with just one child.  Apparently, sibling arguments are good for kids, as it helps develop useful skills.  I am clinging to that!

siblings adventures

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