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Car journeys with my boys aren’t particularly fun!  They seem to argue more in the confined space of a car than anywhere else.  Sometimes we try and change things around a bit and keep one up front so we can split them up!  But they still manage to drive each other nuts from that distance.  One will tell the other one off for singing along to the radio or looking out of their window!  All distractions my husband doesn’t need when he is trying to concentrate on driving.  So, what are the main distractions to drivers.

Driving Distractions

According to this infographic by Lease Car the biggest distraction to a driver is noise!  I can’t think of anything noisier than my boys!

driving distractions

Don’t be fooled by their angelic faces I usually arrive at our destination with a migraine, so I don’t know how my poor husband does it.  Once we went around the same roundabout in London about 10 times because the boys were arguing so much my husband was struggling to count where he needed to turn off. But generally, he does a remarkable job!  I think he is better at switching off than me.  He has learnt over time to blank them out, so they become background noise.  Which works quite well until they ask him a direct question!

driving distractions

We tend to listen to pop music in the car which is apparently less distracting than heavy metal, rock or electronic.  So least we are doing something right!

The Lease Car infographic was developed as part of a campaign to make drivers more aware of the distractions they face when driving.  I am most shocked 12% of men have shaved whilst waiting in the car!  My husband has never done that before.  I think something like that should be done at home because you do need to have your eyes on the road and potential dangers not focusing on your personal grooming!  Likewise, with ladies don’t get distracted applying makeup.  It’s not worth the risk causing an accident in the name of vanity.

We don’t have much choice when it comes to our distracting kids, we have to travel with them.  But some things we can chose not to do like the makeup and shaving!

Travelling with a Pet

If you travel with a pet in the car make sure you restrain them properly, otherwise you can be fined £5,000!  They are that much of a distraction causing lots of accidents and near misses that the law has got a lot tougher regarding travelling pets.

The most important thing for staying safe on the road is concentration!  So please avoid bad habits, restrain your pets and make good music choices!  If you are travelling with children my post on tips to make family car journeys more enjoyable might be a useful read for you.

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