The Importance of Being Part of A Team

being part of a team

When blogging becomes your main source of income it can be quite lonely.  Yes, you can get invited to lots of lovely events which does get you out of the house.  But most of your work is done at home.  When my blogging friend used to visit from Birmingham, I liked bouncing ideas off her.  It really illustrated to me the importance of being part of a team.  We would talk about our respective blogs and discuss things we should be doing to improve them.  Working collaboratively like that really benefited us both, I learnt more SEO tips for bloggers.  It was nice having the social aspect too.

I am also always a little envious of my husband’s work setup!  The secretaries always seem to make such a fuss of him.  Whereas other than the dog I don’t have much in the way of company until the kids and my husband come home!  I do chat remotely with a few blogging friends.  But more than anything I would love to catch up in person.  I am a very social person so in some ways my chosen career doesn’t suit my bubbly personality.  I crave human company.

There are lots of advantages to being part of a team, but than can be a bit tricky when your just one person running your own blog!  You might have done a great job building it up, but you might feel your missing out on the collaborative benefits of being part of a team.

being part of a team

Hire Shared Office Space to be Part of a Team

One option round this is to hire shared office space.  It can save a fortune on costs as you only pay for the little bit of space your using.  You can get shared office space in Liverpool and lots of other parts of the UK.  I know some bloggers have done this just because they want the routine of getting out of the house.  If you’re stuck at home, it’s easy to start doing the housework.  You tend to lose focus on your blogging commitments because it’s hard to ignore the big pile of washing or the floor that needs mopping!  I did try working in my husband’s office for a bit.  But he is too much of a distraction!

Better Networking Opportunities

being part of a team

When you work collaboratively in a shared office space you are introduced to new people.  This might lead to different opportunities and leads you wouldn’t normally have.  Co-Working in Liverpool or any other city might develop your business in ways you didn’t even think were possible.

Improve Creativity

Even when they don’t work in the same field as you, they can still provide a valid viewpoint.  Even if its just a little chat about how they might do things differently.  The communal spaces in a shared office space are ideal to discuss ways to make your business grow.

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