5 Tips To Work With The Rich and Famous

work with rich and famous

The richest people in the world often have very little free time.  They need to hire a fleet of staff to run their households as they are so busy working.  So, if your hoping to get in on the action and have a chance to work with the rich and famous read on.

Let’s be honest at some point in our lives we have all probably day dreamed about living in the same circles as our favourite celebrities.  Getting to see inside their incredible homes and have a taste of the finer things in life.  If you are tempted read this enlightening article in the Telegraph about what it is like to work with the super wealthy? so you have a better understanding of what to expect.

But do keep in the back of your mind its not always travelling on private jets to fancy holiday homes.  A lot will be expected of you too, certainly long hours and possibly repetitive work.

Here are a few tips to help you work with the rich and famous.

Sign up to a Domestic Staff Agency

You could use a domestic staff agency to find work.  These rich people are always after nannies, housekeepers and personal assistants.  Many of them have a whole fleet of staff.  One of the current positions on that website is for a House Manager to work alongside aircraft and yacht staff, PAs and contractors!  Just imagine having so many staff members at your disposal.


Chances to work with the extremely wealthy are very limited.  You need to get yourself out there.  Networking to your hearts content.  Ask questions, push yourself to be noticed.  Look online for opportunities.  You can even buy books on the subject.

Show You Can Be Trusted

Celebrities need to be careful with who they let into their lives.  They need staff that will stay loyal to them and not leak details of their private lives to the press.  Think carefully about how you present yourself in the interview.

Pass the Background Checks

Make sure your online presence doesn’t let you down.  You want to come across as capable and competent in everything you do.  The best domestic staff agencies will want to check into your personal life to make sure you’re a good match for a client.  No drunken profile pictures, you must always appear reliable.

Take A Course

work with rich and famous

This Guardian article mentions a yacht staff training course.  For £770 you learn all the skills needed to excel in that role.  There is also a British Butler Academy and a finishing school.  Really, who knew? Basically, if you have a domestic role you want to fill there will be a course you can take to finetune your skills.

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