Five Benefits of Adding Air Conditioning To Your Home

Sunshine air conditioning

We have made so many changes to our house that I have started making lists of potential benefits of each project before further investment.  It’s so easy to get carried away with a renovation on this scale.  But I need to prioritize the work that will be the most beneficial.  Generally, my old stone house seems to have enough drafts to keep the place cool.  Although we did have an extremely hot summer last year.  The house finally held the heat and I would have loved air conditioning back then!!!

I even had a look at Mandurah air conditioning to see what it involved, as it was difficult to sleep it was so hot.  We were uncomfortable, and it was a tough six weeks.  Our core body temperature was too high even without bedding over us!

I thought it would be helpful to write about some of the benefits of air conditioning if you’re wondering whether to take the leap!

Adds Value To Your Home

This is especially true if you live in a hot climate.  In which case adding air conditioning can make your home more marketable.  With that in mind it might be easier to sell your house, or you might be able advertise it for a higher price.  Generally, where we live there isn’t much need for air conditioning, so it wouldn’t probably be a factor someone is looking for when buying a property here.

Removes Air Pollutants

If you invest in a good air conditioning system you can improve the air quality.  It can filter our air pollutants which is handy for asthmatics like me.  Somedays I rely on my inhaler more than others and that could be down to the quality of the air around me.

Less Bugs

air conditioning stop flies

I hate opening the windows in summer as it seems like an invitation for every bug in miles around to come on in!  These pesky insects fly in and annoy my children and me.  I really can’t stand the noise of big fat blue bottles either especially in the kitchen.  It seems so unhygienic!  Adding air conditioning could mean the windows stay closed and the bugs are kept outside…

Keeping Your Home Secure

Open windows make it easier for criminals to break in.  Even during that hot summer, I kept every window closed at night.  Air conditioning means you can cool off and sleep peacefully knowing your house is locked up safe for the night.  Perhaps that is why burglary is on the decline less people leaving windows open and doors unlocked?

Makes Your More Productive

When you are very hot you slow down so having air conditioning can ensure you stay productive.

There are some cons for air conditioning.  I think the biggest thing for me is to make is more sustainable.  We are getting hotter because of global warming but air conditioning is also contributing to that.  But for now I think for those six weeks of the year I will just grim and bare it!

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