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How To Keep Busy When Your Blog Goes Quiet

Blog campaigns are definitely much thinner on the ground at the moment but why not put your time to good use. There are plenty of other things you can be doing in the interim to keep busy when your blog goes quiet. Then when things go back to normal (which will hopefully be VERY soon given the rate that the UK is dishing out vaccinations!) you will be ready to work with lots of lovely new clients. Please don’t be disheartened, instead use the time wisely to make a big difference to your blog.

work hard on your blog

Investing In Better Equipment

Maybe use this time to update your blog equipment. You could consider investing in a diffuser and reflector kit to get the light right for your review photographs. Natural light is always preferred. But with such short days and lots to juggle such as home-schooling you might like to try out a day light umbrella or for smaller review items you could buy a portable pop up light studio.

Personally, I am tempted to invest in another monitor. Apparently, bloggers who have a dual monitor setup notice a boost in productivity! I think it would speed things up for me. I could have the blog post I am working on displayed on one monitor then I could do my research on the other and go back and forth much more easily.

Apparently, Bill Gates works using three monitors! But I am not ready to embrace multi-monitor computing quite at that level quite yet! Although if its good enough for Bill Gates maybe I should try it after I get used to two monitors.

Working On SEO

If you’re only a small time blogger you might not be able to splash the cash on the services of the best seo agency. However, you can do a lot of things yourself which can improve matters no end. I have spent the last few months adding categories so my site and updating old posts so they are more search engine friendly. Seriously I spent years just winging it was high time I got a handle on these things. I was feeling a bit deflated when my DA fell so I threw myself into sorting out my blog again and I was rewarded with a bit of a boost to my DA again. I still have much to learn and do but its all a learning experience which seems worthwhile.

Another way to keep busy when your blog goes quiet is to research keywords to optimise your page. Start using keywords that will drive traffic to your site. You need to think about the type of questions someone might ask that would lead them to your site.

Once you know what keywords will be successful you can shape your content around them.

Make A Blog Media Kit

I have already covered making a blog media kit in an earlier post. If you haven’t had a chance to make one before use the spare time you now have to produce one. It will speed things up when negotiating with brands, as they can see your current social media figures, audience information and rate card. Rather than all that toing and froing back and forth you can just email over your blog media kit and leave the ball in their court. I always feel a bit guilty writing about blog media kits as I still need to find the time to write mine. I guess now is my chance!

Update Your Blog Layout

If you have spare time on your hands you could look at updating your blog layout. I love how mine looks now, its nice and fresh. The blog header is a big part of the layout. I had mine professionally designed for £60 back in 2016 or you can use sites like Canva to come up with something for free.

Why not play around with a few designs. Then you can see which one works best for you and your audience. You might want something whimsical or more serious, there is so much choice. Spend a bit of time finding something your really happy with. There are so many new blogs being created every day it is so easy to get lost out there among the competition. Sorting out categories can improve navigation around the site.

Refresh Your About Me Page

about me page

Your about me page is important as it might be the first impression new clients and readers of your site get! Make sure you regularly update this with anything noteworthy. Perhaps mention big campaigns you might have worked on or give compelling reasons readers should stop by more regularly and continue to follow you. It’s your chance to really sell yourself! Don’t forget to leave the basics either, like how someone can contact you and perhaps where you are based. This speeds things up for clients who are looking for a blogger in a particular area.

Can you think of anything else you could do to keep busy when your blog goes quiet? I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.