Making Strawberry Jelly Pinwheels

enjoy getting the boys involved in little projects in the kitchen and the
latest inspired by the Harley’s recipe to make Strawberry Jelly Pinwheels was a success. It
was quite simple to follow and the boys liked feeling they achieved something
special. The end result is quite an
indulgent sweet treat that they liked eating, so I have a feeling we will be
returning to this recipe again and again.

did not have any gelatin powder in our local supermarket so had to use gelatin
leaves my mum had at home. I think the
powder would have been easier as we had to soak the leaves and then wring them
out before gently heating them in a pan (being careful not to boil them!)
before we could use them.

First off the boys enjoyed cutting up
the jelly, it took all of my persuasion to convince them not to eat it and instead
add it to the jug ready for the next step!

I added the boiling water and then
let the boys stir to dissolve the jelly.

Then they poured the jelly into the
baking tin (we did not have one with the exact measurements suggested but this
did not prove a problem as it was close enough!) and left in the fridge to set.

The marshmallow layer was quite fun
to make, the boys liked melting the marshmallows in the microwave with the
condensed milk and gelatin we had already added into the mixture.

Once that was cool we poured it onto the
jelly that had already set.

The following morning (as it was
close to bedtime when we put everything in the fridge to set) we warmed the
bottom of the baking tin with some lukewarm water and then eased the jelly out,
I did need to use a knife to cut round the sides to gently coax it out of the
tin! Then we rolled it out and wrapped
it tightly in cling film. I would say
be careful how you use the cling film as it comes off the jelly easily but if
it gets stuck on the marshmallow layer your in a bit of a pickle!

The boys were so
thrilled with their efforts as a rare treat they had a strawberry jelly pinwheel
each for breakfast!!! I would never
have thought to use jelly like this but I am so glad we did. I tried some too and it was very sweet but tasty too!

Strawberry Jelly Pinwheels following the #hartleysjelly recipe, the boys really enjoyed making these #jelly treats x

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