Adding More Natural Light To Our Kitchen

natural light kitchen

Our kitchen is an extension on the house, but it was already there when we bought it three years ago.  Sadly we had no input in the original design unfortunately. I would love to change it to make it more inviting.  My plan would have been to add more natural light to our kitchen.

I don’t think it does the house justice. It could with a few tweaks be a much attractive space and we definitely have options if we want to transform it into a dream kitchen.

More than anything I really want to let more natural light into my kitchen; it’s not the brightest of rooms. It has a big window but the sun takes a long time to reach that side of the house and illuminate the room. We don’t even have blinds on the window which reduce the light in the room so its thinking what we could do
next to improve matters.

Old stone houses do tend to have darker rooms but I am keen to change that.  I like the outside of the house being quite traditional but inside my preference is light airy modern rooms. I want to look at installing VELUX windows by Burton Roofing so more light comes in overhead.  The roof could do with some tender loving care anyway so whilst that is being done it makes sense to also look at getting more light in the process.

Checking your slates

You can check the condition of slates by tapping any that have fallen the sound they make gives you a clearer idea of their state.  There will be a point we stop repairing and need to replace the roof in its entirety and its hard judging how close we are to that.

You can see a visible strap on the slate that shows repair work has been done in the past and other slates are chipped/cracked (generally past their best!). I wish I knew more about roofs but my little bit of knowledge is something. If you know anything about roofs feel free to leave a comment to enlighten me further!

I could even have the VELUX windows at the back of the house, so from the front it doesn’t appear to have altered. But I think a whole new roof complete with windows to flood the room in light would be most beneficial for our house.  Bottom line anything we do I like to think will add value and make our kitchen a more welcoming space, and that has to be a good move.

I don’t have to think about solar tubes because the roof goes directly to the kitchen. But if you do have to bring light from further away, that’s is something worth investigating, with so many different types of windows available dark rooms can be a thing of the past.

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