The Importance Of Sleep And How To Get More Of It!

importance of sleep

Take note of the title of this blog – Really Missing Sleep. If you’re letting a lack of sleep catch up to you, fear not.  There are plenty of ways that you can fix that. However, a lack of sleep is not a point of pride and while there are plenty of things that can steal sleep, namely young children, work and medical conditions – we should still try our hardest to carve out the time needed to rest.  The importance of sleep cannot be reinforced enough.

Sleep is critical to our health. It’s a huge part of our learning, growth and development – which is why it is so important to the younger members of our family. That doesn’t mean it’s not important to us though. There are plenty of ways we can be unhealthy in the modern day – from consuming too much bad and processed food to not exercising enough. If we are trying to encourage our family to live a healthy lifestyle, one of the best ways to do that is to encourage a good night of sleep and rest.

Why is sleep so essential though? Well it ties into 21st-century life quite well. Work and education demand so much of us in the modern age that it is becoming easier and easier to fly along with little sleep. That’s not good though. Here’s why.

Sleep is really essential to our wellbeing, and everyone will tell you that – even people who don’t get enough sleep, and there is a lot of those. Millions of people across the world, both young and old are just not sleeping enough and suffering as a result of this. Many studies have been made to study sleep, and it is estimated that around 40 million people suffer from nearly seventy different disorders related to sleep. The majority of those 40 million involved in the study also experience disrupted sleep throughout a typical week.

Now, people simply don’t go to the doctors enough. It might be our pride that stops us getting checked out. Maybe we want less to worry about. However, sleeping issues are nearly never brought up with doctors and professionals. If there are medical conditions preventing sleep, these need to be rectified by a professional. If these sleeping issues are not treated, it can lead to sleepiness in the daytime, when people are working.

This can interrupt and disrupt daily activities and this can end badly if that activity is something heavy duty such as driving. This isn’t just an adult thing though, sleeping affects our kids. We mentioned the way that sleeping affects our development, and when our kids are developing – as they always are – it can be quite unsettling to know that most kids experience sleeping issues which can affect their growing minds.

Of course, adults need sleep – but it’s a necessity for our children. The way sleep works is as a repair phase for our minds. Children have busy days thanks to school, hobbies, studying, play and other activities – so they do need a break. Sleep quite literally works as recharging for the body of youngsters. It breaks down the information of the previous day and refreshes the mind and body for a new day. How much sleep do our children need? Well it is all circumstantial and depends on their age – it should be about ten or eleven hours a night though.

How can you help both yourself and your family get more sleep though? You all deserve it, so where do you find it? Well, you need a good bed. Your kids also need a good bed. A sturdy supportive bed is the best base for a good night of sleep. It needs to be able to hold weight and support your movements in sleep without creaking and moaning. These noises can show a weak frame and also wake you up during the night. That’s not good.

Invest in a good mattress

It isn’t just the bedframe though, you need a good mattress, something like a Loom and Leaf mattress. A mattress has big impact on your sleep. A good mattress will reduce the pressure on your body. This means a better night of sleep and less interruption. However, this will differ for each and every person – some prefer a softer mattress to sink into, while others prefer a firmer mattress that will offer support. It is for this reason to consider what your children would need from a mattress as they do need a good night’s rest as well! Once your bedrooms are equipped with the tools needed for rest – you now need to figure out how to sleep.

Tire yourself out in the day

Making the most of each day is a good idea so that you can actually become tired so that you can sleep. Also, consider removing electronics from the bedroom. Screens mean ‘blue light’ and blue light damages our sleeping patterns. It would be a good idea to cut down on electronic usage directly before bed. If you need to be entertained, consider reading a book. Exposure to too much light at night can interrupt the rhythms of your brain, meaning that you might miss out on a sleep cycle and have a terrible night of sleep.

Remove distractions from the room

It is extremely important for you and your kids to get a good night of relaxing sleep, so remove distractions from the bedroom, get a solid bed and a great mattress, and develop some great sleeping habits. Sleeping is worth taking seriously and if you’re focused on health and are trying to eat well and exercise more, you’ll still be doing a lot of damage to your body if you can’t develop a good sleeping pattern.

Teaching your kids about the importance of sleep is also a great idea. The more that the dangers that a lack of sleep can bring to a life are publicised and known about, the better. Sleep is hugely important to our lives and the development of our children, our kids deserve the best lives possible and a good night of rest is key to that, get more of it with good habits and a good bed.

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