There’s Always Time for Tea

Time for tea

I really enjoy starting the day with a cup of tea. It helps prepare me for whatever I have ahead. I am not a morning person so hubbie making me a cup of tea first thing is a good idea and
increases the likelihood that I will leap out of bed with a spring in my step! Caffeine stops me from feeling so exhausted, I think it’s a necessity making time for tea in my life with the kids tiring me out!

Given how much I love tea and the important part it plays in my daily routine it comes as no surprise that it’s the second most commonly consumed beverage (after water).

It seems very British to be a tea drinker and we have been doing so for over 350 years, although tea drinking has been popular in China for much longer.

Why drinking tea is so good for you?

The Tea Advisory Panel aims to provide impartial information regarding the advantages of drinking tea, so do head to their website to see just how beneficial tea is.  We often say there is nothing that a cup of tea can’t solve and the reality is tea does have a whole host of medicinal benefits that can improve your health and wellbeing.

A recent report from the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) found that the bad press surrounding our intake of caffeine is not justified, the negative effect of caffeine in tea has been overstated. It would be a shame not to have your regular caffeinated brew because of incorrect information.  Dr Tim Bond mentioned that tea only contains 40-50mg of caffeine per serving (when using a tea bag) so not enough to cause any problems like sleep latency (the length of time it takes for you to go to sleep). Tea tends to have half the level of caffeine that coffee does, so if you fancy a hot drink tea is an excellent choice.

Dr Carrie Ruxton, independent dietitian and member of TAP says “caffeine improves mood[1], increases alertness, and reduces the sense of tiredness and pain”.

Whilst Lynne Garton, dietitian and member of the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) said “drinking four cups of tea daily is associated with heart health benefits, in particular reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.”[2] She continued by saying “tea polyphenols help to relax the blood vessels so leading to control of blood pressure[3]”, I guess that’s why I find my stress levels decreasing when I drink my tea.

Tea really does make everything better. Now go on and put the kettle on and pour yourself a restorative cuppa whilst you browse the Tea Advisory Panel website.


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7 thoughts on “There’s Always Time for Tea

  1. OOOOOH I do love a good cup of tea! I am a bit of a tea snob and drink Fortnum and Mason Earl Grey, or Lady Grey.
    I don't have four cups a day so I think I need to up my intake

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