Create The Perfect Eat-In Kitchen

Eat in kitchen

Many people have grown weary of the open plan living style. It’s understandable if your family finds this unpractical and uneconomical. A bigger space is more difficult to heat. If you live in a colder climate spending a lot of time sitting in a cold room can be quite unbearable. This sort of space can also be quite acoustically challenged too! The extractor fan, the clanging of pots and the TV on full blast don’t make for a great conversation space. Ultimately, an open living area can be less than social! No wonder the separate dining room is making a comeback!  But this article helps you create the perfect eat-in kitchen.

Of course, there is still a lot to be said for eating in the kitchen. It’s quick and convenient, and much easier to clean up. It’s casual dining at its best. An eat-in kitchen can be perfect at breakfast time when you want everyone together. It works when you’re entertaining two or three guests for a coffee morning too. It’s intimate, friendly, cozy and warm. So what are the essentials for a perfect eat-in kitchen?

Good quality dining options

Start with the eating surface. You might want a small table. This should be made of quality wood. After all, the kitchen gets steamy, and a lot of action! Alternatively, try a breakfast bar set up if your kitchen is a little smaller. The eating surface will be the same as all the other worktops in the room. It’s important to consider investing in the right dining table set for the space. It should look good and still be practical for the room.

Layout choices

Where you eat should be far enough away from the sink and trash containers that you can enjoy a meal. Keep away from the unhygienic areas that can sometimes throw up nasty odors too. Usually dining at one end of the room is the best way to enjoy the experience. You might have a half wall to divide the room up a little. It might offer extra safety for the kids away from the oven and hob too.

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If you’re eating in here, then it makes sense to ensure the entire space has a durable easy-to-clean floor surface. Tiling is ideal, but slate and engineered wood flooring are popular choices for a stylish look. If you have chairs, use replaceable feet pads or cups to cut down the noise of moving them. You might want rubber pads to stop them sliding around on the high gloss tiles.


Always provide a separate lighting source for your dining area. This offers the best illumination for when you are eating. And if you’re done with the cooking and cleaning areas, you can simply turn those lights off, so the focus is on the table. This is perfect for those evening meals with the family when you don’t want to use the formal dining space.

Eating with your family is important for most of us. If you’re struggling to make the time, simply enjoy your meal in the kitchen. How do you make use of your eat-in kitchen?

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