Starting Our Day The Right Way With Ready Brek

Ready Brek

Ready Brek is a firm family favourite with their super smooth oats.  My little bears are not keen on lumpy porridge but that’s never a problem with Ready Brek.  It’s such a multipurpose product too.  You don’t just have to have a bowl of porridge you can use it to make fruity smoothies or nutritious muffins so each morning Ready Brek can give you a helping hand with breakfast. With Ready Brek being so versatile breakfast never gets boring either!

When winter sets in you really can’t beat porridge for breakfast.  It heats you up and is a great wholesome start to your day! It can be tough getting out of bed when the mornings are colder.  But the fact the boys have a warm breakfast to look forward too always adds a spring to their step.

As a parent I love Ready Brek for lots of reasons the oat fibre helps the boys digestion, the calcium gives them the strong teeth their dentist is so proud of and the vitamin D supports their immune system. It is also very filling and keeps the boys going until their fruit break at school.  The Vitamin B12 stops them being quite so tired so they do better at school. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it’s essential to get it right.

Alongside being so healthy a box of Ready Brek and a few toppings can be a real treat, it’s fun experimenting with different toppings to find your favourite. We were sent raspberry jam, maple syrup, honey, chopped nuts, raisins and ground cinnamon, but I am quite partial to Nutella swirled over the top of my porridge. Hubbie is a syrup fan so he likes to drizzle that on top.

Ready Brek is quick and convenient to get ready in the morning. We always have a few minutes spare to prepare our Ready Brek, it only needs to be microwaved for one and a half minutes and stand for a further minute. Pick up your box of Ready Brek from all good supermarkets and food stores, we enjoyed the original variety but you can also buy it in Chocolate! Yum.

I like making Ready Brek smoothies because if we are in a rush we can drink them on the go!  Hubbie is terrible for missing breakfast so he can have one to drink at his desk and I feel better he isn’t running on empty!

Breakfast Smoothie

Three heaped tablespoons of Ready Brek

2 Banana’s

1/4 teaspoon of Cinnamon

250 ml Milk

Making a smoothie is so easy you don’t have to soak oats you just sprinkle them on top of the other ingredients and blend everything all together. If your children aren’t keen on the banana/cinnamon combination you can try strawberries or blueberries whatever takes their fancy.

The boys both enjoyed the smoothie it really was the perfect way to get our boys to increase their fruit and fibre intake.

How do your family enjoy their Ready Brek?

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