What to think about when Getting A New Staircase


We have had our house almost five years and although progress is being made, we still have a far way to go!  Last night I heard an almighty clank and it transpired a small part of the ceiling had fallen onto the staircase!  So, I think I need to focus on the landing and staircase next.  We have been working on the bedrooms but if anything starts to get dangerous those areas of the house need tackling as a priority!

Our stairway isn’t great you feel like your taking your life in your hands sometimes standing on a couple of the steps!  Wear and tear over the years with precious owners who didn’t spend enough on maintaining such a big property has been its downfall.  I wouldn’t know where to start finding someone locally because although we have a reliable builder, we don’t know anyone specialising in joinery.  Looking online for staircases seemed more promising.  I was drawn to their pictures of previous customer work.

I would love for the staircase we have to sweep round, it would be more of a feature.  Currently it also blocks a lot of light from the window part way up.  If you got some experts in, they could design something bespoke that would meet my needs.  I guess one option is staircase refurbishment, but I think I would feel happier ripping it all out and starting again.  If I reposition it, I have more options, I can see if I can do anything to improve the light flow situation.

When we do decide to get it changed, I will make sure I do my research and think it through.

How practical is the staircase?

We have children so a showstopping glass staircase isn’t practical as I would be forever wiping down grubby handprints.  I also prefer carpet to keep children safer, as apparently your less likely to slip with carpet over having bare stairs. Although saying that for the last five years we haven’t had any on there as its still so much a work in progress!  If you have a family, you need to make sure the handrail is available for children to grip.  Also, as we get older, I need to make sure it will last as we age and give us the extra support.

Think about the style

I would never dream of having a cantilevered staircase as it would frighten me, I need to know my stairs don’t have any gaps!


But it does have that wow factor some people will be after.  I would say it’s important to put a lot of thought into the style you want, ideally actually try out a few different types of staircases to make sure your happy using the one you select before you have had the expense of installing it!

Make it timeless

Staircases aren’t something that you replace very often so go for something that will last.  If you go to outlandish it might date quickly and you will have the expense of starting all over again.

Hopefully this post will have given you some ideas so when you come to replace your own staircase it doesn’t seem so overwhelming!  I am feeling more excited already as I know how much it would improve the look of our hallway and landing.

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