Emmet’s Dream Toy House LEGO Movie 2

Lego Movie 2

As a family we love building LEGO sets.  To celebrate the launch of The LEGO Movie 2 film we were sent Emmet’s Dream Toy House (70831 RRP £54.99).  My boys were thrilled they couldn’t wait to build this set.

You have the choice of building Emmet a cosy home or a house that is also a rocket so he can jet off to rescue Lucy.  It’s great you have that option, it certainly adds to the appeal of the set.  We can always start again and try the rescue rocket if we fancy a change!  I think its worthwhile looking out for 2-in-1 sets whenever possible.

We decided to build the house as we love how it can open out for easy access.  The set is great for fans of the movie, but it also has lots of details that make playtime enjoyable.  Emmet has a stove to cook on, window boxes with flowers to admire and a sofa for relaxing!  The little details make it such a worthwhile purchase.  You also get three minifigures and two buildable figures so plenty of scope for adventures adding these to your LEGO collection.

Quality Time Together

LEGO Movie 2

I liked that we had LEGO building to do as a family activity rather than the boys going straight on Fortnite.  Usually its headphones on and me completely ignored for the duration!  I enjoyed looking for the pieces my boys needed next, whilst they did all the complicated parts making sure it all fit together.  All the while we were chatting together as a family.  Quality time as a family can be in short supply when your kids are hooked on Fortnite.  LEGO building really was an awesome way to spend time together!  My eldest was relaxed and bubbly.

Lego Movie 2

You can see the quality in the house as it comes together.  It is very sturdy so can either be played with or placed on a display unit to be admired!

Lego Movie 2

We have an eye on a few other The LEGO Movie 2 sets.  They all look pretty cool, I quite fancy Unikitty’s Sweetest Friends (70822) and Emmet’s Thricycle (70823) – love his ingenious and rather unusual builds!  Also, the LEGO Movie 2 Movie Maker (70820) would be quite fun!  You get two nice backdrops and can download the free app to easily edit scenes and create your own LEGO Movie masterpiece!

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