The Importance of Making Memories

I was recently commissioned by Sun Life to give my thoughts on the following topic.

I loved reading their blog post about investing more in creating memories.  I am a firm believer you need to make as many memories as possible.  New experiences and adventures being top of my list!  Life is too short you need to cram in those wonderful memories whilst you can!  We were a bit unlucky in that we didn’t get to Dubai in February with my eldest son being so poorly.  But hopefully we can rectify that soon with another holiday away soon.

At the start of the year I always write a blog post about our previous years adventures.  I am always pleasantly surprised by how much we have done.  It’s lovely re-reading them as time passes.  Remembering all those lovely days out and new experiences.  My mum had a cancer scare late last year and it sunk in how precious each day really is.  I want my boys to have a rich and varied life, not just one full of stuff!  They have enough toys.  But they can never have enough memories of a happy and loved childhood surrounded by everyone who cares about them.

New Experiences

I like our memories to cover new experiences.  It gives the boys a better outlook on life as they are more confident in different situations.  They have done everything from indoor skydiving to llama trekking and meerkat handling to stand up paddle boarding.

Who knows what new experience might spark a lifelong passion?  A hobby could turn into a career path for them.  I like to think budget permitting we do the best we can to give them a diverse life.

Couple Quality Time Together

At the weekend my husband and I had a road trip just to try out Finch Bakery!  We had heard so many great things and needed to try out their cake jars.  See the picture below and you will be tempted too I am sure.

making memories cake

Our whole mini break didn’t cost much courtesy of a Buyagift hotel stay voucher but its really given us both a much-needed lift!  It was wonderful spending quality time together as a couple.  First and foremost, we are parents.  But sometimes its lovely remembering how much we enjoy each other’s company.  Those memories will keep us going when the kids are fighting and make us better parents, I think.  So, make sure you schedule time as a couple and not focus all your energy just on the kids!


They don’t have to cost much to be memorable for your kids.  They don’t focus on the negatives – only if you draw attention to them!  My husband likes the boys having lots of holidays as its not something he had much of growing up.  But even if your budget is tight a change of scenery can be just as good.  See if you can stay at friends or family instead, a new location might be all you need!   My boys have got a lot out of every holiday, from a fortnight to Florida to a weekend camping in the rain.  You can make each holiday special regardless of how much it costs.

Create A Bucket List

Hopefully this post will inspire you to create a bucket list of family memories you want for the coming year!  We wrote the attractions we wanted to visit in 2018, we didn’t manage to tick all ours off last year, but they gave us lots of inspiration.  You can always roll things over to the next year.  Don’t look at it as a negative if everything isn’t ticked off.

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